Israel Consulting

We stand firm in our commitment to helping businesses succeed

Who We Are

Israel Consulting is a women-owned business development firm serving businesses globally. We are committed to providing exceptional business management services, first-class coaching, and client-specific strategies for our client's goals and objectives. 


To ensure the success of our clients by creating and implementing solutions and services designed to increase access to capital, education, and resources.

Who We Serve


Commitment: We are committed to professionalism, responsiveness, and building and deepening lasting relationships. We strive to communicate openly and collaborate respectfully. 

Integrity: We are committed to acting in our client's best interest openly and honestly.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do and improvement when needed. 

Our Approach

We utilize our expertise and strengths at Israel Consulting to add value to our clients. With more than 15 years of experience successfully navigating the complexities of the financial industry and launching innovative partnerships with public, private, and nonprofit sectors, our founder, Diona Richards, is an expert within the corporate and business verticals and has worked with the top financial institutions and nonprofits worldwide.


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